04 September 2023
18:55 PM
Article Number :0066
Sochi, September 04 (QNA) - Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed Monday his country's readiness to work with the State of Qatar and Turkiye to transport grains to many African countries, considering the Qatari-Turkish path to deliver grains to countries in need as an "additional mechanism" that does not replace the Black Sea Initiative.
During a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Putin reiterated his country's adherence to its positions regarding the grain export agreement through the Black Sea, relinking Moscow's return to the deal with lifting sanctions on Russian grains and fertilizers.
President Erdogan confirmed that Qatar is already providing financial assistance and financing in particular to transport ships to African countries, expressing his hope that the Russian President will respond quickly to the process of transporting grains to six needy African countries.
He acknowledged the legitimacy of Russian fears of returning to the grain agreement without achieving its demands, reiterating his optimism in the possibility of reaching a solution regarding the grain export agreement.
A Russian-Turkish summit was held earlier today in Sochi, and the international community is awaiting its results regarding the attempt to persuade Putin to return to the grain export agreement through the Black Sea. (QNA)

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